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Predators Game Day Preview: Nashville @ Montreal

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Some schools of thought would say that dwelling on a loss is bad for you, and in some ways they'd be right - but if the Nashville Predators want to fix what ails them, it may be the only course of action. Tuesday night's loss against Toronto was so mistake-filled, so embarrassing, that the Predators must take the lessons learned there and apply them to the campaign going forward.

I don't want to hear anyone - fans, players, or coaching staff - talk about the postseason until this team discovers how to play winning hockey again. I'm not so pessimistic as to say the "season's over", or "fire Trotz", but when you let a team off the mat when ahead 4-1 and allow four power play goals in a period (regardless of the legitimacy of the penalties), then its time to look in the mirror. The responsibility not only falls to Barry Trotz and staff, but to Shea Weber. And Ryan Suter. And right on down the roster until every player has the mentality required to kick their opponent when they're down. 

Tonight is about getting back to the basics of the game, and as such this preview will be short. Recall, however, the great San Jose Debacle of 2009-10. The Predators lost a game very similar to Tuesday night's, and rebounded with an incredible stretch of play that would ultimately push them into the postseason. While its much earlier in the season, another chance for a fresh start begins tonight. It's up to Nashville to make the most of it by beating the Montreal Canadiens.

The puck drops at 6:30, with coverage on FS-TN.