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Nashville's sports teams are offensive in the worst way

Nope, that one didn't go in, either.
Nope, that one didn't go in, either.

This weekend the city of Nashville has seen its three major sports teams hit major lows all at the same time on the offensive side of the game. Consider:

So what's a Nashville sports fan to do these days? Vanderbilt's season is over, and the Titans are pretty much cooked, too. The best hope for the Predators to get rolling is for their lineup to get healthy, but Matthew Lombardi's timetable is completely undefined at this point, and David Legwand has been "day-to-day" for over a week now. And let's be realistic, we're only talking about 40-50 point guys returning here, there aren't any All-Star caliber snipers waiting in the wings.

Right now, then, which Nashville sports team represents the weakest scoring threat in their league?