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Let's generate some Mo-mentum

Movember 1
Movember 1

My darling daughter took a look at my Movember 'stache the other day and said, "Daddy, I don't like the way you look with a mustache." My reply?

"That OK, honey, I don't like the way you look with one, either."

Please CLICK HERE to check out my Movember page and make a donation to support awareness and research related to prostate cancer. Just as many of the Nashville Predators are doing, a group of Preds fans (organized by Paul Nicholson) are growing mustaches and raising funds for the cause. So far we've received over $300, and are hoping for a whole lot more by the end of the month.

It's a fun way to support this effort (and of course Preds Assistant Coach Peter Horachek), as I haven't tried to grow any facial hair in about 20 years. Back then I was a young college student, and it just looked like I hadn't wiped my mouth after eating a meal. Can I approach Ned Flanders-like status this time around? Stay tuned...

If you're a guy over 40, like I am now, at the very least talk to your doctor about when an exam should become part of your annual physical. Since my father has battled prostate cancer in recent years, with both radiation and hormone therapies, I'm guessing this is the year for me to get checked.

And in the meantime, Hillary will just have to put up with a fuzzy-lipped Dad. It's for a good cause.