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Friday's news: Preds return to home, sweet home

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The Nashville Predators have played the fewest games on home ice (11) of any team in the NHL this season, tied with the Islanders and Lightning. Over the next several days, however, they have the opportunity to take advantage of some home cooking, and keep pace in what is an insanely tight bunch of Western Conference teams.

Western Conference Standings

Detroit 26 17 6 3 37
Dallas 27 16 9 2 34
Vancouver 26 15 8 3 33
Chicago 30 16 12 2 34
Los Angeles 26 16 10 0 32
Phoenix 27 13 8 6 32
St. Louis 27 14 9 4 32
Nashville 27 13 8 6 32
San Jose 28 14 10 4 32
Anaheim 31 14 13 4 32
Columbus 27 15 11 1 31
Colorado 27 13 10 4 30
Minnesota 27 12 11 4 28
Calgary 29 12 15 2 26
Edmonton 27 10 12 5 25

(updated 12.10.2010 at 8:47 AM CST)

Follow after the jump as one hockey blog offers up useful advice for Jeff Fisher of the NFL's Tennessee Titans, another looks ahead to the possibility of Shea Weber leaving Nashville via free agency, and just when you think you've seen them all, video of a wonderfully creative goal being scored.

The Preds have a 3-game homestand coming up (Saturday vs. Florida, Monday vs. the New York Islanders, and Wednesday vs. San Jose), so make sure to use our coupon code for Nashville Predators tickets. Remember, hockey tickets can make a great holiday gift, so you can also look through the schedule, and get seats for any other home game!

Nashville Predators News

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Buddy ponders every Preds fan's nightmare.

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Paul McCann writes in this new magazine about Nashville's dynamic duo in net.

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Jas gives credit to Steve Sullivan and J.P. Dumont for the suite they provide for sick kids to attend Predators games.

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Two goals and an assist? Just another night at the office for Ryan Ellis.

The Hockey News - Prospect Watch: Austin Watson
The Predators love to talk about how they focus on how a prospect handles adversity. Well, Austin Watson's facing plenty of it this year in Peterborough.

Hockey Night in Nashville: A Child's Heart
Robby shares his experience teaching some kids about the coolest game on ice...

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Around the NHL

Down Goes Brown: Signs your players have quit on you
I know this is a hockey blog, but perhaps Jeff Fisher could use one or two of these: "The chants for you to be fired are getting louder and louder, which seems like a bad sign since you're sitting on the team bus on the way to the game."

Phoenix trip emotional for DaCosta -
Earlier this year, the Phoenix Coyotes massage therapist passed away suddenly at the age of 40, and a jersey auction has been organized to benefit his children.

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It's truly remarkable how much Sidney Crosby is pulling away from the scoring pack already this season, with a 10-point lead over 2nd place Steven Stamkos.

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Oh boy, this could get ugly.

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What the heck was Ottawa's Matt Carkner thinking?

Ottawa Senators: To shake up or blow up? - Silver Seven
Has the window closed for this group of Senators? And if they do decide to blow up & rebuild, are there any scraps that the Preds can pick up?

Greatest Hockey Hillbilly Jim Meets Bob Probert
Umm... wow.

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Lastly, we have a new eye-poppingly unique goal for you, found over at Houses of the Hockey