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Nashville's sporting Christmas - a sneak peek at Santa's list

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Trust me, <em>this guy</em> knows who's been naughty & nice between Jeff Fisher and Vince Young.
Trust me, this guy knows who's been naughty & nice between Jeff Fisher and Vince Young.

The investigative reporting branch of OTF has done it again, as our crack agents Hack & Whack successfully infiltrated the operations up at the North Pole, and were able to get momentary access to the big list of gifts which are getting loaded up for delivery on Christmas Eve.

What follows is a top-secret look at what Santa has on the way for some of the prominent members of Nashville's sports community...

Brent, Blaine & Clay from 104.5's "3 Hour Lunch": An in-studio interview with "Woody".    

Kenny Britt, Tennessee Titans wide receiver: No NFL lockout next fall, so he can establish himself as one of the game's premier wideouts.

Joe Dubin & the WKRN sports crew: An HD signal to keep up with their high-definition, low-content competition.

Jeff Fisher, Titans head coach: An owner who backs him up (complete with a generous relocation package).

James Franklinnew Vanderbilt football coach: A honeymoon period so he can get to work on the long task of building a competitive program without distraction.

Mike Heimerdinger & Peter Horachek, assistant coaches with the Titans and Predators: Courage and strength as they fight their personal battles against cancer.

Hope Hines & Rudy Kalis, local TV sports directors: Directions to Bridgestone Arena.

Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans running back: 7 men in a box, no more than that.

Randy Moss, Tennessee Titans wide receiver: A deep ball thrown his way.

George Plaster, 104.5 Sports Director: An honest-to-goodness "car phone".

David Poile, Nashville Predators GM: A $5 million gift card for his player budget.

Kevin Stallings, Vanderbilt men's basketball coach: More of that magic dust he sprinkled on Festus Ezeli.

Ryan Suter, Nashville Predators defenseman: An appearance in the NHL All-Star Game.

Barry Trotz, Nashville Predators head coach: A deep playoff run.

Shea Weber, Nashville Predators captain: Continued health for Ryan Suter.

Vince Young, Tennessee Titans quarterback: A little self-help reading.

Josh Cooper & Bryan Mullen, Preds writers at The Tennessean: A nice wintry treat...


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