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Monday's notes: Buddy, can you spare a goal?

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Well, I guess Santa didn't leave the Nashville Predators any goals under the tree last weekend. In a scene that's all too familiar to local hockey fans, the Preds are desperate for scoring these days, and must get rock-solid defense with stellar goaltending to eke out wins until the walking wounded return to duty.

Is there aught to be done? Probably not, it's on the remaining guys to focus on the basics and work, work, work... the same formula which has usually led to a playoff spot for the Preds in recent years. Stay tuned for updates over the next couple days to see if David Legwand, at least, might suit up for tomorrow's game. And of course, follow after the jump for your morning hockey news...

The Preds host the Dallas Stars on Tuesday, December 28 and Columbus on Sunday, January 2nd, so make sure to use our coupon code for discount Nashville Predators tickets

Nashville Predators

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