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Friday's news: Doppleganger goalies?

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Have you ever heard the old saw about how owners and their pets start to look alike over the course of time? Well, an analysis this morning makes an argument that backup goalies in the NHL start to do the same. The next thing you know, the backup here in Nashville will be some tall, skinny blonde dude with a Nordic accent. Yeah, right!

Follow after the jump for this, and a host of hockey news from around the web...

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Nashville Predators News

ASMBA STAR fundraiser - Preds. vs. Islanders on Monday, December 13
The order form at this link offers you a discount on tickets for the Preds vs. Islanders game on the 13th, with part of the proceeds going to ASMBA STAR, which benefits military personnel and their families. Please take a look, and at least pass this along to other folks who might be interested. Heck, you could even just print it out and post it at your workplace.

The Science of Shadowing - The Goalie Guild
Deep thoughts on how backup goalies begin to mimic the #1 on their team, with a special focus on Nashville's Nordic netminders, and commentary from Mitch Korn.

Hockey Night in Nashville: Bringing Hockey to the Inner City
Awesome stuff here from Phillip, about really growing the hockey community here in Nashville.

Hockey Night in Nashville: Special Thanks
Just keep on chirpin', Robby!

Preds On The Glass: Was Sidney's "Slew Foot" The Play of The Year? and Friday Findings
The Penguins missed the playoffs last year? Somebody get Buddy another cup of coffee this morning...

Referee Gord Dwyer sidelined by facial fractures -
The ref who caught a puck in the face when Cody Franson tried to clear the zone Wednesday night in Columbus will be out for "several weeks".

Paid attendance numbers - Predators Insider
Josh Cooper shares some eye-popping paid attendance figures for the Preds so far, which means we won't be wondering about the 14,000 figure at all this season.

Wilson suddenly shows knack for getting Predators started - Nashville City Paper
Is Colin Wilson beginning to put it all together? We'll see if he can carry his recent production forward...

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Around the NHL

Chiarelli, Lombardi shoot down Marco Sturm trade talk - Puck Daddy
Despite all the reporting from traditional media that a Boston-L.A. deal was completed yesterday, it turned out to be premature at best, or just plain wrong at worst.

Wild GM to team: Win or changes will be made |
Followup on the report of lots of scouts attending recent games in Minnesota, it does indeed sound like they may be moving some players soon.

St. Louis Blues Fans Are Frustrated & Concerned, Not Panicked | Hockey Independent
You don't hear so much about the Blues being the dynamite story of the season anymore, do you?

The Dark Blue Jacket: On that whole attendance thing...
In Columbus, it will probably take a while for the team's strong results on the ice to translate into ticket sales.

New Jersey Devils Routed by Montreal Canadiens 5-1; Devils Fans Disgusted with "Effort" - In Lou We Trust
Is there a bigger disappointment in the league than the New Jersey Devils?

Leafs booed off the ice after loss to Oilers - The Globe and Mail
It sounds like the natives are getting restless in Toronto...

Bruins rout Lightning 8-1 in Marc Savard's return - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Wow, talk about a shot in the arm for the Boston offense...

Tampa Bay Lightning RW Steve Downie might have a broken ankle; evaluation Friday | Lightning Strikes
The Lightning may be without their top-line winger for a long stretch.

I Love You, Google Translate - Behind The Net
I think we're all hoping that Pekka Rinne can continue improving his "Pesticide Percentage".

Down Goes Brown: Come on down: A history of the NHL's game show appearances
DGB brings the funny: "Lightning goaltender Dan Ellis declines an invitation to appear on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? on the grounds that it would just end up creating more problems."

5 Interesting Details from the 2010 Forbes NHL Team Valuations | The Hockey Writers
Mike Colligan finds a few interesting nuggets here, including evidence that the post-lockout NHL is doing pretty well, business-wise.

7 Alternatives to MLSE That Rogers Could Buy For $1 Billion - Houses of the Hockey
Sound financial analysis here...

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