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Enter The OTF Facebook Contest

"Like" us over at the <a href="">OTF Facebook Page</a>, and you could win this fabulous fleece hoodie from Easton Hockey.
"Like" us over at the OTF Facebook Page, and you could win this fabulous fleece hoodie from Easton Hockey.

Hockey season is truly upon us here in Nashville, as the temperature has plummeted while strange, crystalline formations of water have been seen (some call them "flurries", and they provoke mad scrambles among the natives to stockpile milk & bread). What better time, then, to offer something to the community here at On The Forecheck to help keep you warm?

Announcing the OTF Facebook Contest

So here's the deal - Facebook is becoming a greater and greater presence for online conversation with each passing day, so as an adjunct to all the Nashville Predators talk we have going on here, we've also set up our virtual 40 acres at, where you can share your comments, post photos... do all those crazy things that people do on Facebook these days.

So in order to boost our ranks (557 and counting at this time), I'm offering up a prize which was sent to me by the good folks at Easton Hockey; a charcoal-colored fleece Power Plus Hoody (size Adult Large), which retails for around $35, and will be awarded at random to one of the people who "Like" the OtF Facebook Page as of next Monday night, December 13, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern. If you already "Like" us over there, you're entered to win!

All entries are subject to the following rules & regulations:

OTF Facebook Contest Rules and Regulations (Word document)

You can use the handy-dandy widget above to "Like" us, or head over to the OTF Facebook Page and join in the discussion!