Kevin Klein: Love him or hate him

Well this is my first Fan Post. And I thought it would be very suitable to discuss what I feel is the Nashville Predators weak link to the chain. While the Preds have been banged up with injuries this season, the younger players have had to step up. And while there is no big mystery around the league that Nashville's strong point is there deep Defensive core, I raise this question: Why do the Preds hang on to Kevin Klein after his many mistakes? Let me know what you guys think after the jump.

After this past week questions have been raised as to why the Nashville Predators keep Kevin Kline in a top 4 D-man role. With lots of young talent in the Preds fold, is it time to take action? Has this even been noticed by the Preds staff? These are questions that may need to be looked at.

In the past 3 games Klein has averaged over 23 minutes in ice time and has posted a +5 rating. He also has a goal and 2 assists during this time. But do these "paper stats" overshadow his actual play on the ice? This question has been brought to attention in great part due to the final play of the Atlanta Thrashers game on Monday. Many believed that the defense-man made a bad decision which caused the Preds the game. While you can argue that Klein could have done many things different, some say that the other four players on the ice did not step up either. My belief is that if you are going to take a top four D-man role on this team, then mistakes like this should not happen. many times this season we have seen Klein have giveaways in front of our G. At times even giving the puck up at the crease, Klein has been out of position during a lot of plays and does not always appear to be confident while handling the puck. I can agree that this is a team sport. And when we lose or win, it is a total team effort. But, if we have a "weak link" holding us down, what do we do? Can we order a “Code Red" here? Can we handle the truth? Is it time for Klein to put up or shut up yet? What is your opinion on ole KK?

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