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Unveiling the On The Forecheck apparel store

Thanks to the clever gang at SB Nation, I'm happy to unveil an On the Forecheck online apparel store, which you can find in the right sidebar; it will feature a selection of designs available in various formats (t-shirt, longsleeve, hoodie, embroidered ball caps, etc.) that will tell the world that you're not just a Nashville Predators fan, but a pretty savvy one, to boot.

I've started it with three designs so far ("Me So Hornqvist", "Free Willy #33", and "Pass it to Shea.. and get outta the way!"), and if you have suggestions for further designs, sound off in the comments below or contact me separately (email is, or catch me on Twitter at @Forechecker).

The possibilities here are endless - a dig at the continuing struggles in Columbus? A blast at the ever-clueless mainstream media outlets here in town that ignore hockey? How about "Duck Fetroit"?