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Nashville Predators to finally have a steady spot on the radio?

New developments this morning on the Nashville radio scene may lead to more reliable coverage of the Predators next season.

Beginning this fall, Vanderbilt University's football and men's basketball games are going to be carried by 97.1 WRQQ, whereas previously they have had top priority at 104.5 (the Predators' "flagship station"). When there has been a conflict between Vandy basketball and a Predators game, the Preds have typically been shunted off to another station on an ad-hoc basis (sometimes 97.1, sometimes not), leading to a feeling among Nashville's hockey fans that 104.5 hasn't been fully committed to supporting the team.

While nothing is set in stone for next season (the Preds and 104.5 "The Zone" have an option for next year's coverage), the Vandy move appears to leave 104.5's schedule open for making Predators games the priority that hockey fans here in Middle Tennessee believe it should be.

Thanks to @mikebarnes5 for pointing this out on the @Predfans Twitter group. You can follow me on Twitter at @Forechecker.