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Monday's news: Patric Hornqvist "clear as a bell" after vicious elbow from Joni Pitkanen

The final game of the Olympic round-robin last night, between Sweden and Finland, featured a scary moment for Nashville Predators fans. While carrying the puck behind the Finnish goal line, Swedish winger Patric Hornqvist was caught by a vicious elbow from Joni Pitkanen, a hit which left Hornqvist groggy and ended his playing night (Pitkanen received a major and a game misconduct, as head shots are not tolerated in Olympic play).

For video of the incident, your best bet is to go to, where online video replays are available. The hit occurred with just 49 seconds left in the second period.

Before we get to the rest of your morning news and notes, then, it's worth sharing this from the Swedish press:

Här är råa överfallet på Patric Hörnqvist -
You'll need to run this through a translator (I use Google's), but the bottom line is that Patric Hornqvist was evaluated by Swedish and NHL doctors after getting knocked out of last night's game, and was described as "clear as a bell". It sounds like he'll be OK to play on Wednesday.

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