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Team USA to face Switzerland in Olympic quarterfinal, Canada meets Russia

It took 10 minutes of overtime plus a shootout, but in the end Switzerland advanced to the Olympic quarterfinal, and a match tomorrow with Team USA by defeating Belarus 3-2. During the 4-on-4 overtime, a critical tripping call on Switzerland's Roman Wick led to a dangerous 4-on-3 power play by Belarus, but Jonas Hiller helped hold off the Belarussians to force the shootout.

And since Canada mopped up Germany 8-2 (read Jim Diamond's game recap for the Nashville perspective), Slovakia fended off Norway and the Czech Republic barely survived a Latvian comeback, that means we can update the 2010 Olympic Men's Hockey Bracket...

2010 Olympic Mens Hockey Bracket
 Playoff Qualifier 1 Quarterfinal 1
 #8 Switzerland  #1 USA
 #9 Belarus #8 Switzerland Semifinal 1
 Playoff Qualifier 2 Quarterfinal 2 QF1 Winner Gold Medal
 #5 Czech Republic  #4 Finland QF2 Winner SF1 Winner
 #12 Latvia  #5 Czech Republic SF2 Winner
 Playoff Qualifier 3 Quarterfinal 3
 #7 Slovakia  #2 Sweden Bronze Medal
 #10 Norway #7 Slovakia
Semifinal 2 SF1 Loser
 Playoff Qualifier 4 Quarterfinal 4 QF3 Winner SF2 Loser
 #6 Canada  #3 Russia QF4 Winner
 #11 Germany  #6 Canada

Coming up next, the quarterfinals...