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Bridgestone to assume naming rights to the Sommet Center in Nashville?

Is Bridgestone going to be the new title sponsor of the Nashville Predators arena? This report from seems to indicate just that:

A little bird stopped by Cool Springs today and told us the Sommet Center naming rights are going to Bridgestone.  We're not sure if it will be named exactly "Bridgestone Center" but it will be "Bridgestone Something".

The new Bridgestone Center in Nashville is expected to be christened soon, ushering out the old Sommet Center name.

This could be a huge win for the Predators if true. Bridgestone is a large, well-known global corporation with its North American headquarters in Nashville, and already has an existing relationship with the NHL (they were the title sponsor of the NHL's Winter Classic this year).

More on this story as it develops (I have questions in with both the Preds and Bridgestone), and thanks to multiple folks on the @PredFans Twitter group for pointers.