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Weekend Notes: Wings unload Leino, Kovalchuk not a supreme talent?

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So these aren't exactly Breakfast Links, but I've got an assorted, if somewhat abbreviated, offering of hockey news for you this morning/afternoon. We've got a good profile of Blake Geoffrion, some blogging by Tom Callahan, the top ten African American players in the NHL, a strange, strange take on the Ilya Kovalchuk trade, and a trade from this morning that could have more importance than at first glance.

So, continue below to get caught up on some interesting stuff in the hockey world...

Around Pred Nation

Future is bright for Predators prospect Blake Geoffrion | The Tennessean
John Glennon profiles one of the Predators' top prospects.

Predators Coach Barry Trotz calls out J.P. Dumont - The Tennessean
As noted yesterday, Predators Coach Barry Trotz sent a message to veteran forward J.P. Dumont. Also looks as if Pekka Rinne will get a 4th consecutive start.

Tootoo is richer, but Trotz still awaiting a payoff | Nashville City Paper
David Boclair reports that Coach Trotz said he views the two-year contract extension as an investment and not a reward...

Adressing fighting after a clean check - Predators Prowl
Predators radio play-by-play man Tom Callahan tackles an interesting subject in a new blog post.

Preds 101: If you like KYLE VANDEN BOSCH, you'll love JORDIN TOOTOO
Preds 101 makes an interesting comparison, but accurately notes that the likenesses stop when it comes to wanting to remain in Nashville.

Around the NHL

Red Wings ship enigmatic Leino to Philadelphia - Puck Daddy
Interesting news out of Detroit, where the Wings ship the talented but underachieving Leino to Philly for Ole-Kristian Tollefsen and a pick.

Kovalchuk To Jersey Might Be The Stupidest Hockey Trade Ever - Habs Eyes On The Prize
The Canadiens' SB Nation affiliate is apparently either a fan of hyperbole or quite sore that they didn't acquire Kovy. This post includes the gems "Statistics and one good look will always bring on the assessment that Kovalchuk is a franchise player and supreme talent, but is he really?", and "If there is any excitement in hockey today, after the trade, it should be in Quebec City. They have just moved one step closer to retreiving a lost hockey franchise," in reference to the Thrashers. Yikes. Pretty sure I disagree with everything in that post.

Brian Burke's son Brendan passes away after auto accident
Brendan Burke, the youngest son of Toronto Maple Leafs president and general manager Brian Burke, died Friday as a result of injuries suffered in a car accident in Indiana. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Burke family during this incredibly difficult time.

Top Ten Black NHL Players - Die By The Blade
A look at the elite black hockey players in the game today. Joel Ward checks in at number 7, and considering the other players on the list I'd consider it a pretty fair assessment.

Exclusive: Chatting with Ilya Kovalchuk about blockbuster trade - Puck Daddy - NHL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Finally, PD has a good conversation with Ilya Kovalchuk regarding his trade and why the ATL didn't work out.