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Spend Super Bowl Sunday with SB Nation


No, this ain't hockey-related, but it is Super Bowl Sunday, and I, like zillions of others around the world, plan on loading up the snacks and hitting the couch for what we expect to be an epic game.

This one is especially fascinating to me because I lived in the Indianapolis area for 8 years and saw the first 7 seasons of Peyton Manning's career first-hand. Since my in-laws are all Purdue people, and my father-in-law has had season tickets for something like 40 years, I also had the pleasure of tagging along to see a good chunk of Drew Brees' college career up close as well.

Manning is easily the greatest NFL quarterback I've ever seen, and you could tell Brees was destined to be an NFL star as he led Purdue to a resurgence in the Big Ten.

Anyways, SB Nation's fine collection of NFL blogs has oodles of coverage for you. Stampede Blue (Colts) and Canal Street Chronicles (Saints) have both been credentialed for the big event, and Joel Thorman from Arrowhead Pride (Kansas City) has been covering it from the overall SB Nation perspective.

SB Nation also has a hub set up to aggregate all of the Super Bowl posts from across the network, and I'm told there will be a mega-Game Thread for live discussion once the game starts.

UPDATE: Here's the link to the Game Thread for the Super Bowl... have at it! Take note, there is an "auto-refresh" checkbox at the top of the comments, so you can decide whether you want the comments to pop in automatically (which could get pretty busy), or just when you refresh the page.