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Monday's news: Nashville TV tunes out Olympic drama

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Is anybody else still charged up from yesterday's Gold Medal Game? That was a rare example of an event that lived up to the hype in every way. Now, can the NHL capitalize on that exposure and draw new fans in, just as the Trade Deadline approaches and the mad dash to the playoffs gets underway?

For local reaction to the Gold Medal Game, check out See Puck City, What the Puck, and the Nashville City Paper, then follow after the jump for example #7,412 of Nashville's local media ignoring the great game of hockey, along your morning news and notes...

Despite yesterday's game drawing an absolutely huge television audience, and the fact that the Nashville Predators were involved on both sides of the action, the reaction in the local media was underwhelming. I checked WKRN news and they didn't touch on it until their sports segment at the very end of their nightly newscast, and neither did NewsChannel 5. In fact, when their Sports Dinosaur Director Hope Hines previewed his upcoming sports show, what did he have to talk about? Titans, Titans, NFL Combine, Titans, golf and NASCAR. Not even a single mention of this fantastic event.

I know complaining about Nashville's media coverage of the Predators sounds like a broken record at times, but last night's treatment of the game was absolutely pathetic. The sports directors around this town should be ashamed of themselves for overlooking a classic game played on the world stage, that featured two Nashville Predators in such prominent roles.

You can bet that if two Tennessee Titans won a sack race at a picnic, we'd have team coverage from all sides.

Where have you gone, Eric Yutzy?

UPDATE: WRKN's Joe Dubin advised fans on Twitter last night that due to rights restrictions, non-NBC stations had no video or audio to use to discuss the Games, hence the lack of prominent coverage. I certainly give credit to him for getting that word out, along with the fact that WKRN's sports guys are pretty much the only ones in town who can confidently discuss the Preds on-air.

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