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Thursday's news: Chris Chelios is so old...

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This morning there are any number of interesting hockey stories to keep a fan occupied. NHL general managers have finally proposed a penalty for head shots, Sidney Crosby's stick & glove from the Olympics have been found, and of course the Predators have a big game on tap tonight in San Jose.

But perhaps the most remarkable story is the return of 48-year-old Chris Chelios to the NHL, and the host of internet jokes that are welcoming him back...

Predators News

Preds On The Glass: Preds Ready for Test in San Jose and Thursday Thoughts
Buddy reminds us that by getting the start tonight, Dan Ellis has the chance to make up for a disappointing loss in San Jose last November.

California Dreamin... and an HBR PReview. - Paul McCann
Paul has an update on the road trip he's organizing to follow the Preds to St. Louis later this month, it sounds like a healthy horde of Nashville fans will be invading Blues territory!

Predators Are Best Served On The Road " Michelle Kenneth’s Weblog
Sully, Toots, and Dan Ellis have been tearing it up on Twitter lately, and Michelle Kenneth shares the goodness with those of you who have been missing out.

Predators' Wilson is getting well on the ice - Nashville City Paper
David Boclair writes that Colin Wilson is still experiencing the groin injury that slowed him earlier this season, but will wait for the summer to take corrective action for it. Until then, he's playing through it - pretty darn well, I might add.

Around the NHL

Slumping Thrashers recall 48-year-old Chelios  |
Look, I know he's a villain for Preds fans, but this is just amazing.

The Best of "Chris Chelios is so old . . . " - Cult of Hockey
David Staples sums up the best Chelios jokes from Twitter (including a nod to @cellblock303).

Sharks Gameday: Pick your Poison - Fear The Fin
Sharks fans, as they look ahead to tonight's game, aren't scared of meeting the Preds in the playoffs. Can you blame them?

Observations from a 5-3 loss - The Dallas Morning News
Is it time to start shoveling dirt on the Dallas Stars, after a loss in Buffalo last night?

Matt Cooke: Comparing Hits and Suspensions - From The Rink
Mike Chen breaks down the video to compare four different big hits this season, and the related mystery of how Colin Campbell decides whether or not to suspend the player in question.

How Long is the Olympic Hangover? - Behind The Net
Well, I'm guessing Jaromir Jagr's still pretty groggy after the big hit by Ovechkin...

The mystery of the missing stick: How Crosby's golden gear almost wound up in Russian hands - The Globe and Mail
Canada breathes a sigh of relief as Sidney Crosby's missing glove and stick from the Olympics have been found.

Pick your poison - Mile High Hockey
As Colorado fans look ahead to the playoffs, there are teams that they certainly don't want to see in the first round. Nashville is one of them.

U.S. Senate candidate on how campaign 'stole' Columbus logo - Puck Daddy
The campaign for a Libertarian senatorial candidate in Oregon (who happens to be gay) was called out for appropriating the Columbus NHL team's logo. It turns out that he is not a supporter of that team, however. I'll leave the myriad cheap joke possibilities as an exercise for the reader.