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Nashville Predators ownership meets Metro Sports Authority request

J.R. Lind at the Nashville Post reports that at this morning's meeting of the Metro Sports Authority, the Nashville Predators ownership group met the demands of the Sports Authority, and waived their right to exercise an early termination clause in their lease for the next two summers. They also agreed to provide guarantees to cover David Freeman's ownership stake in the event of a team bankruptcy.

[Team chairman Tom] Cigarran said the owners are happy to waive those early-termination rights, as they had no intention of moving the team anyway.

"We're determined to keep the team in the city," he said. "We all made our investment in the Predators for one reason: to keep the team in Nashville.  To have the team in Nashville would say something about the city."

Lind also reports that average paid attendance now stands at 13,906, continuing the post-New Year's positive trend on that front (up from 13,793 as reported last month).

Perhaps now the Sports Authority can stop wasting everybody's time with this non-issue and get down to the importance business of stressing out over tonight's game at Anaheim?