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Weekend Linkage: Rinne 1st star, Cam Barker gets a second chance?

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As Predator Nation lets out a deep sigh of relief after last night's victory, its time to catch up on your morning news. A somewhat abbreviated version this morning, but interesting nonetheless. Is Chicago in deep cap trouble? Can the Blues make another push? Continue after the jump for this, more, and Pekka Rinne's 1st star selection.

Before you do, however, check out this great piece from Jessica Bliss of The Tennessean. It profiles Craig "Partner" Baugh, the Predators' equipment manager. Get this: Joe Thornton gave him a hug. If Jumbo Joe hugs you, you're cool.

h/t to SBN user howdy2u for the link

About Last Night...

  • Postgame thoughts from John Glennon. [Preds Insider]
  • Buddy's recap from last night. That one felt good, huh? [POTG]
  • See Puck City is pleased with his birthday present last night- a Predator victory. [SPC]
  • Mark was impressed with Nashville's ability to play the full 60 minutes last night. After the Sharks game, I was too. [The View From 111]
  • Pekka Rinne was named the NHL's 1st star of the night last night: Rinne1ststar_medium 
  • The Predators picked up all 8 of the points deemed necessary in their first seven game stretch. The sky isn't falling! Huzzah!
  • Around the NHL

  • Cam Barker disappointed as an elite prospect in Chicago. Will he flourish as a member of the Minnesota Wild? [The Sporting News]
  • Lest we forget, the St. Louis Blues were in the very same playoff situation last year, and went 9-1-1 to make the dance. They only need to win 10 out of 16 this year. [STL Today]
  • Hawerchuk looks at the biggest brawls of the past 23 years from a penalty minutes perspective, complete with video! [BTN]
  • James O'Brien (and myself) is expecting cap hell for the Blackhawks this summer. Might the Predators be interested in RFAs Patrick Sharp or Kris Versteeg? [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Scott Cullen attempts to gauge players by their "intangibles", and not their typical statistics. [TSN]
  • Finally, checking in on the playoff race, the Stars dropped another one last night. Like Anaheim, they are all but out of it. [Defending Big D]