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Predators scoreboard watch: Red Wings and Flames chasing Nashville

The lone game with an impact on the Western Conference playoff chase this evening features Detroit starting a 3-game western Canada road trip in Calgary, in a battle of #8 vs. #9 in the standings (8:30 p.m. Central).

Obviously, we don't want to see this game go to overtime, thanks to the impossibly stupid Overtime Loser Point that pollutes the NHL standings, but who would you rather win this game? Detroit, so as to push the Flames further back from the pack, or Calgary, in the hopes that the Predators could, for the first time in franchise history, finish ahead of Detroit in the Central Division?

Hockey podcast alert!

Don't forget to catch Rink Side Radio, SB Nation's signature hockey podcast tonight at 8:00 Central. You can flip over there after listening to Preds On the Glass, as Joe & Travis have plenty to talk about this week from around the NHL.