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Scrambling the Nashville Predators - better nicknames through anagrams

Every hockey team features a variety of nicknames assigned to various players. Most are simply created by attaching a "-y" to a portion of a player's name, hence Sully, Smitty, Leggy, etc. But we can do better, can't we?

With a nod to Dark Blue Jacket, let's take a look at some anagrams that can be formed from the names of the Nashville Predators. Follow after the jump for the list, where I have my favorites in bold. I really think we've got some budding nicknames here...

Got a favorite, or an alternative suggestion? Pass this around via Facebook and Twitter, and sound off in the comments!

David Poile: DO IDEAL VIP

Barry Trotz: TRY RAZOR BT

Brent Peterson: TORN BEST PREEN

Peter Horachek: PART CHEEK HERO

Jason Arnott: NOT AS NOT JAR

Wade Belak: WEAK BLADE

Francis Bouillon: COOL! SINFUL BRAIN

Dustin Boyd: TIDY BOUNDS

J.P. Dumont: DON'T JUMP

Dan Ellis: LAND LIES

Martin Erat: RATTIER MAN

Cody Franson: FANCY ON RODS

Marcel Goc: CLOG CREAM

Dan Hamhuis: HA HA! NUDISM

Patric Hornqvist: QR TO VIP'S RICH ANT

Kevin Klein: INK VILE KEN

David Legwand: WED DIG VANDAL


Pekka Rinne: PARK IN KEEN

Jerred Smithson: JEERS MIND SHORT

Steve Sullivan: STUN EVIL SLAVE

Ryan Suter: ARTY NURSE

Jordin Tootoo: TO JOIN TO ODOR

Joel Ward: OLDER JAW

Shea Weber: WHERE BASE

Colin Wilson: SWILL ON ICON