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Thursday's news: Anaheim's Wisniewski delivers latest scary head shot

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Dangerous head shots have been the big story in the NHL for the last several weeks, and that continues today, unfortunately. Last night James Wisniewski of the Anaheim Ducks threw a nasty elbow to the head of Chicago defenseman Brent Seabrook, and tonight's schedule features a rematch between Boston and Pittsburgh, the first since Matt Cooke knocked Marc Savard out for the season.

After the jump, we've got video of the hit last night, and word from a Boston columnist who thinks the Bruins need to exact a pound of flesh in revenge - but not from Matt Cooke...

Predators News

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Around the NHL

Make the Penguins pay the right way -
Ron Borges takes the low road, saying the Boston Bruins need to go after Sidney Crosby however they can tonight to take revenge for Matt Cooke's hit on Marc Savard. "Bounce a puck off his nose if you can. If you get a blind side shot at him, put your body through his chest." If a blogger wrote this stuff, you can bet the newspaper guys would stand up and condemn the unprofessional rabble, right? (hat tip to Kukla's Korner)

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Final days of Marty Turco's tenure with Stars are a test of goaltender's career-long class, patience - Dallas Morning News
It's sad seeing a cranky old man threatened with eviction; hopefully Marty Turco blows up a bunch of balloons and tries to carry off American Airlines Arena to search for Paradise Falls.

Lastly, again courtesy of Kukla's Korner, check out the video of Anaheim defenseman James Wisniewski taking a vicious headshot to former teammate Brent Seabrook of Chicago. Seabrook left the game and did not return:

Can you believe he only received two minutes for charging? And yes, that's the Anaheim announcer wondering out loud if Seabrook was faking an injury. Pathetic.