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Friday's news: Bruins fail a character test, Preds fans recap a 5-0 treat

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It's a bright morning in Nashville, made all the sunnier by a 5-0 win last night and a Hobey Baker nomination for the local boy made good.

After the jump, we've got plenty of reaction from around Nashville's hockey blogs to last night's game, along with an utter failure by the Boston Bruins in a critical game against Pittsburgh, and a video of 10 awesomely hilarious goal celebrations...

Predators News

Preds Update - Wild Win and Another Hobey Baker Finalist! - Paul McCann
The Preds PA man is a big booster of Middle Tennessee youth hockey, and is beaming with pride over Blake Geoffrion's Hobey Baker nomination. Today is also the last day to jump aboard his road trip to St. Louis for the game this Sunday.

Preds Win a Laugher…But Hopefully Nobody’s Laughing " Pull My (Fang)Finger
AJ wasn't just thrilled at the Preds effort last night, he also enjoyed seeing Craig Leopold's new team on the receiving end of that 5-0 score.

Preds On The Glass: Game Recap: Predators Tame the Wild in 5-0 Win
Buddy's very impressed with how Colin Wilson has played since the Olympic break. Leaving him on the wing is a great way to get him acclimated to the NHL for now.

See Puck City: Preds Shut Down Wild With Zanon Goals: 5-0
SPC celebrates last night's win, and calls for the hockey haters to wise up. The Predators are here to stay.

The View from 111: Preds Gone Wild, Whip Minnesota 5-0
Last night was a real treat for Predators fans who have seen less than stellar efforts on home ice this season.

Postgame ponderings - Predators Insider
John Glennon, among other things, likes the way Colin Wilson has been finishing his scoring chances.

Around the NHL

Bruins booed off ice after getting shutout by Penguins 3-0 - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Wow, so much for a spirited rematch with Pittsburgh for the Boston Bruins, eh? They left the hometown fans bitterly disappointed in a lackluster defeat. Yes, there was the obligatory fight with cheap shot artist Matt Cooke, but after that, the Bruins rolled over and played dead.

Lemieux and McCarty – together! - All Things Avs
What Boston needed last night was Darren McCarty. That March 26, 1997 game between Detroit and Colorado stands out to me as the greatest regular season NHL game in living memory.

Panthers defend Vokoun, blame ice after 105-foot goal - Puck Daddy
Tomas Vokoun gave up a laugher last night, and heard about it from the home crowd, but anyone with a clue realizes he's the Panthers' MVP and their best hope of ever returning to the playoffs.

Something's Going Down in the D - Nightmare on Helm Street
Are the Red Wings preparing to build a replacement for Joe Louis Arena? As a kid, I went to see the Harlem Globetrotters play there shortly after it opened, but it's time is probably up.

Forget the Avs: let's worry about the Sharks! - Behind The Net
Reason #612 to be concerned that San Jose might flop in the playoffs.

Paul Kariya scores his 400th career goal - ProHockeyTalk
The former Pred reaches a career milestone.

ESPN Ready to Cover the NCAA Tourney, Not As Well As Last Year " Puck The Media
Steve Lepore has all the details on ESPN's coverage for the NCAA hockey tournament.

There's always lots to do for an equipment manager -
Take a peek at what life is like for the busiest guys in the NHL.

Rules against head shots already there, says ex ref - The Globe and Mail
Retired referee Bruce Hood says that the Charging rule already covers much of what the NHL plans to ban with head shots. It could be read that way, although to me, Charging is so vaguely written that it seems you could call it 10 times a game if you wanted to.

The Dark Blue Jacket: Timing is everything
Tom looks at Columbus applying to host an NHL All-Star Game, and wonders if it has anything to do with recent rumors that the Blue Jackets might be for sale.

The Phoenix Coyotes Starring In Major League - From The Rink
Mike Chen brings the funny. Lee Stempniak as "Wild Thing"? I get it...

Lastly, with a hat tip to Rick Gethin at the Hockey Writers, a recap of 10 awesome goal celebrations: