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Weekend notes: poetry on ice?

We've got a few notes for you this morning ahead of tonight's tussle with the Blue Jackets:

  • SB Nation is conducting a survey to learn more about our readers, and I'd appreciate your completing it. The blog which has the highest portion of its membership fill out the survey gets $500 to donate to the charity of its choice. Can we raise $500 for perhaps the Predators Foundation, folks?
  • One member of our community, SLake, has written an insightful analysis of whether Cal O'Reilly should get back into the lineup in favor of Dustin Boyd, who seemed a bit of an afterthought at the NHL Trade Deadline but he's played well in every game so far. If you've got an opinion you'd like to share, feel free to write a FanPost and get it out there!
  • For something a little high-brow this weekend, head over to Copper & Blue which features a fascinating  interview with Randall Maggs, who may well be the poet laureate of hockey.
  • Don't forget to sign up with the On the Forecheck Facebook page, we're over 200 fans in just the last few weeks and growing quickly!
  • John Glennon joined the Thom Abraham Show yesterday to talk about the four-line scoring depth of the Preds these days, and you can listen to that segment via the following link:

John Glennon on Thom Abraham Show 20100319

Maybe we need to have a poetry contest here at OtF? Hickory dickory dock, Rick Nash got deked out of his jock...