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Nashville Predators to make 3rd jerseys home uniforms next year?

According to a popular hockey uniform website, the Nashville Predators may be poised to make their current alternate jerseys their full-time home uniforms next season (2010-11). Apparently, there are also changes to the road sweaters (my personal favorites) in the works. Icethetics:

The indication from Reebok is that the Predators will turn the alternate jersey they launched this season into their new home sweater. The road sweater is listed as TBD but a safe assumption is that it will be a light version of the new dark jersey.

Because of these major changes, the Preds will not wear an alternate next season.

The new home jersey (third, currently) features the same primary logo the team has used since its inception in 1998 but with a simplified color scheme — now navy, steel blue silver and black. The gold and orange have been removed.

So what do you think? Is this a good idea merely six months after the alternates were unveiled?