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Predators scoreboard watch: Giving the Red Wings the Blues

The #5-8 seeds in the Western Conference playoff run are up for grabs with three weeks left in the NHL regular season, and the Nashville Predators need the competition to start dropping some of the games they hold in hand over the Preds (who have just 8 games remaining, as opposed to 9 or 10 for the rest)...


In tonight's action...

St. Louis @ Detroit: Can the Blues rebound from the 3rd period comeback that the Preds dropped on them Sunday to bring forth a 60-minute effort against the Red Wings? Well, they're not playing at home and Andy Murray isn't the coach anymore, so maybe those are two reasons to believe they can win tonight.

Los Angeles @ Colorado: Preds fans are definitely pulling for a 60-minute effort in this one. As in... No Overtime!

Anaheim @ Vancouver: The closest thing to a sure bet in the Western Conference standings is that the Canucks will be the #3 seed for winning the Northwest Division. Can they knock the Ducks' playoffs hopes all the way down to 0.1%?