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Thursday's news: The sorry state of The Hockey News

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What does it say about a senior writer at The Hockey News when he looks around the NHL at this time of year, and instead of writing about the approaching playoffs, or the candidates for individual awards, he instead coughs up a hairball of rumor and innuendo regarding franchise relocation?

It tells me that Ken Campbell is utterly bereft of insight, and the first item in our news and notes this morning takes him to task for just that...

One last time...

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Predators News

The View from 111: Rumors, Recklessness, and Responsibility
Mark gives Ken Campbell of The Hockey News the swift hard kick to the journalistic nuts that he so richly deserves. Dynamite stuff here that every hockey fan should read - it really makes you wonder why Campbell actually draws a paycheck for what he does.

Preds On The Glass: Thursday Thoughts and Preds-Yotes Tonight
Buddy's got a great idea; play the players' post-game quotes from Tuesday to the team before they hit the ice tonight, to remind them of what they need to avoid.

Game Night - Playoff Payoff - Paul McCann
The "Balsillie Bowl"... I like it!

Do the right thing - Slam! Sports
Barry Trotz speaks out forcefully in favor of the new head shot rule, and hopes the players ratify it quickly.

With Phoenix in town, Preds' motto is 'don't look back' - Nashville City Paper
Getting back to business after Tuesday's loss is the mantra for the Predators these days.

Nashville Predators, Phoenix Coyotes have same path to success - The Tennessean
Maybe the two teams could smash a few Blackberries at center ice before the game as a show of solidarity?

Predators' Jason Arnott is torn over injury - The Tennessean
Head injuries are a tricky situation. A player may feel fine, only to have symptoms reoccur after a game or two. That's the dilemma facing Jason Arnott these days.

Around the NHL

NHL Marketing Overload: The curious case of Crosby versus Ovechkin - From The Rink
Cassie dares to ask the question, "So...anyone tired of Sidney Crosby & Alex Ovechkin yet?"

Montreal Gazette Slams Price, Twitter Fans Come to Rescue - NHL Digest
A great story about how hockey fans on Twitter jumped to their young goalie's defense, and called out the local paper for an unfair headline.

Do the Canucks have what it takes? - Nucks Misconduct
After struggling early in the year, Vancouver has taken over the Northwest Division. Do they have a shot at the Stanley Cup, though?

Initial Reports: 3D Hockey TV Is Freakin' Sweet - SB Nation
Last night's Rangers/Islanders game featured an experiment in 3D television. It still sounds like a long ways off for the casual viewer, however.

Time is now for Fehr to decide on taking NHLPA job - The Globe and Mail
The NHL Players Association is a mess, plain and simple. Would a fireball like Donald Fehr help, or would taking a shortcut in the hiring process undermine the union (again)?

Joe Thornton sees unusual TOI splits against Minnesota - Fear The Fin
Is Todd McLellan trying to get Jumbo Joe working hard again by sentencing him to excessive PK work?

Icy Bits: DiPietro Calls Season a Success ... Really - The Grinder
Um... wow. The Isles goaltender, who still has a decade(!) left on his contract, is optimistic about the season despite the fact that he's played all of 8 games.

Backchecking: Ranking Team Goaltending - TSN
Scott Cullen pegs the Preds for slightly above average, which is probably right in the ballpark for Nashville's goaltending this season.

This could be Colin Campbell’s final season as NHL sheriff - Truth & Rumours
We can hope, can't we? Colin Campbell, in my mind, has been an absolute disaster as the NHL's head of supplementary discipline.