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Weekend Linkage: Lapierre suspended, Tootoo on Twitter?

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The Predators dropped a rough one last night to the Red Wings, but there's no need to dwell on that. I've got a truckload of news for ya this morning to get your mind off the game. 

Also, keep an eye out later today as I may be running a quick Farm Report on your favorite AHL team, the Milwaukee Admirals. Sneak peek: did you know that the Predators have a limited amount of call-ups until the Admirals are eliminated?

Follow after the jump where Derek Boogaard lays a dirty hit on Ryan Jones, Maxim Lapierre is suspended for his hit on Scott Nichol, and a Twitter account that may or may not be our own Jordin Tootoo...

Around Pred Nation
  • Glennon concurs with Dirk: awful night for Kevin Klein. [Preds Insider]
  • Allan Muir is another fan of Nashville's deadline moves. []
  • Is this the real Jordin Tootoo? I don't know, but keep an eye on it in case it becomes a verified account. [Twitter]
  • Some good news on Shea Weber, with Barry Trotz calling it "day to day" and not ruling out a return on Sunday. *wipes brow* Phew. Also, Kyle Vanden Bosch in a Wings jersey? Boo. [Tennessean]

  • Mark recaps last night's debacle, and calls out the team for "mailing it in". [View from 111]

  • Jeremy with another recap of last night, if you want to re-live it. [Section 303]

  • The Admirals lost in the shootout last night, despite a PPG from Cody Franson. Will we see him this weekend for the injured Shea Weber? [Short Shifts]

  • Around the NHL 

  • The Wheel of Justice spun, and Canadiens forward Maxim Lapierre was suspended 4 games for his hit on Scott Nichol. [Globe and Mail]
  • James O'Brien, new co-writer with Brandon Worley takes a look at the Blackhawks rebirth from those cellar dwellers of a couple years ago. [Pro Hockey Talk]

  • The Capitals were my big winners out of the East on deadline day, and the great crew at Japers' Rink takes a look at their moves in a cool "roundtable" feature. [Japers' Rink]

  • Derek Boogaard costs his team points and wins. Is he any worse than the average goon? Copper and Blue examines the subject. [Copper & Blue]
  • Derek Zona, prophet? Don't know, but Boogaard layed a vicious knee-on-knee hit on our buddy Ryan Jones last night. [Edmonton Journal]
  • A game recap, but also C&B's take on the Ryan Jones hit [Copper & Blue]:
  • A flagrant, deliberate attempt to injure that was as obvious a five-minute major and game misconduct as I've seen in quite some time. However, Jones is only an Oiler, so while the knee was detected the penalty was only two minutes.
  • Darryl Sutter is feeling the heat after firing his coach and trading Dion Phaneuf with no results. [Dreger, TSN]
  • DGB with signs that your GM had a rough deadline day. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Much to the delight of FFH, the NHL is suing former 'Yotes owner Jerry Moyes for a cool 61 million. [Five for Howling]