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Weekend Linkage: Playoff picture no clearer; Geoffrion's heritage

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Today's Predators news and a scoreboard watch:

  • Five keys to succeeding in the playoffs. [Tennessean]
  • A report on the lackluster ice down at the 'Tire Barn'. [Tennessean]
  • The Predators are the Canucks' 'preferred opponent' because they 'don't strike fear in opposing defensemen.' OK. [Vancouver Sun]
  • But the playoff picture is basically clear as mud. [Preds Insider]
  • Barry Trotz- Jack Adams finalist? [SI]
  • Ranking the playoff goalies by conference. [Red Light District]
  • Two important games on the schedule tonight: Phoenix @ San Jose and Edmonton @ Los Angeles
  • In order to avoid playing the Sharks, Preds fans need to root hard for San Jose and Edmonton today. A Sharks win makes a series with Chicago likely, while an Oilers win leaves the door cracked for an opportunity to play the Vancouver Canucks. Rather than worry yourself to death over matchups, though, lets take care of tonight's business first.
  • Blake Geoffrion 'isn't burdened to match his family's accomplishments'. I'd say he's off to a good start, though. [Detroit Free Press]
  • You've probably heard about Blake's grandfather, Boom-Boom, but what about his great grandfather Howie Morenz? [Greatest Hockey Legends]