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Learning to hate the Chicago Blackhawks: Patrick Kane

As we look forward to the opening of the Stanley Cup playoffs, it's important for Nashville Predators fans to get ready to play their part when the Preds host the Chicago Blackhawks in Games 3 & 4 at Bridgestone Arena.

Simply put, just as the players must bring their best effort during the postseason, the fans need to do the same. And in the interest of helping the casual Nashville Predators fan "get in the mood" to bring the noise on home ice, let's discuss one potential target for their abuse, Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane...

Patrick Kane

#88 / Right Wing / Chicago Blackhawks



Nov 19, 1988

2009 - Patrick Kane 81 30 57 87 17 20 9 0 6 0 257 11.7

Chicago's leading scorer, Kane is widely considered to be a bright young talent whose star is still rising within the NHL.

He's also considered in some circles to be a spoiled brat who can disappear in big moments (he was mostly invisible for Team USA at the Olympics). Oh, when 20 cents are on the line, he can beat up an old taxi driver with the best of 'em, but delivering in the clutch when the stakes are at their highest? I'm not so sure he's earned that reputation just yet.

Seriously? I think Taylor Swift could bench-press more than him.

I'm guessing that Shea Weber will shake Kane down and take his lunch money early and often in this series. If he can be rendered to the perimeter, it could deprive Chicago of a key aspect of their attack.

So the challenge goes out to the mighty Cell Block 303 - how ya gonna get on this guy?