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"SlapShot Radio" debuts tonight in Nashville

Playoff hockey requires a fresh attitude, and Nashville Predators PA Announcer Paul McCann is bringing just that with his weekly radio show on WNSR (560-AM). Starting today, his show has been re-branded as "SlapShot Radio", and it  premieres this evening at 6:00 p.m. Central (be sure to listen tonight as Paul will be giving away two pairs of tickets to Game 3 against Chicago during the hour).

Follow after the jump for a little Q&A I conducted with Paul about the changes underway...

Dirk: What can fans expect from "Slap Shot Radio" going forward?   

Paul: The same great hour of radio that we have done for the past few years. We have had guests like Bill Clement, Doc Emrick, Dick Irvin, Jr., Ted Nolan, Rob Ray, Darren Pang, Peter McNab, Bob Miller and many other national names talking hockey, both locally and nationally. SlapShot Radio will continue to look at the national scene, but also give the best in-depth coverage of the Nashville Predators on the air. We like to say, New Name, Same Show.

Dirk: Any special plans for the playoffs?

Paul: We'll be on the air every week, covering the series with insiders both from broadcast and new media, through the awarding of the Cup, to the Draft to UFA day, covering it all for Nashville and beyond with the best, most knowledgeable guests available.  

Dirk: Where can fans outside of Nashville listen online? Will the show be available in podcast form?

Paul: The show is broadcast every Wednesday at 6pm Central time.  You can access the live stream at or at We post a podcast within 12 hours of air time. You can find the podcast at

Dirk. If listeners wanted to contact you with questions or suggestions, what's the best way to do that? 

Paul: You can check out our Facebook fan page or email me directly at  or I'm on Twitter @PredPAPaul.

Dirk: Off topic, but I gotta ask - which player name in the NHL gives you the most difficulty as the PA Announcer at Bridgestone Arena?   

Paul: Wow...  good question.  There are a couple that always seem to give me fits... Atlanta goalie Ondrej Pavelec (pah-vah-LEK, AWN-dray), Columbus forward Marc Methot (meh-THAWT),  I've butchered his name several times before I got it right. The one that always seems to give me fits, no matter how many times I practice it is Lubomir Visnovsky (vihsh-NAWV-skee). A real tongue twister to pronounce it right. Sometimes it's the easy names that get you,  I can remember my first year when Vancouver came to town I looked at the coaches name, Alain Vignault,  I read it, repeated it to myself,  when it came time to announce his name I knew it was Alain...  I said Alex...  still don't know why I did that,  but the Vancouver Sun made sure to point out my error... :-)

Thanks to Paul for the responses, and we wish him the best of luck with SlapShot Radio. Tonight, Paul welcomes Jeff Marek from Hockey Night in Canada, Peter McNab from the Colorado Avalanche broadcast crew, and of course, Predators color analyst Terry Crisp.