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Weekend Linkage: Tootoo fine; Predators taking desperate approach

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A bit of reading to get you set for a minor engagement this afternoon:

  • Last night: Habs 2, Caps 1Sabres 4, Bruins 1Wings 4, Coyotes 1Canucks 7, Kings 2.
  • Norris Trophy finalists: Duncan Keith, Drew Doughty, Mike Green. I'd vote Keith. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Milwaukee Admirals forced a game 7 last night after being down 3-1 to the Chicago Wolves in their AHL playoff series. Ryan Maki scored the winner in overtime on his birthday. [Short Shifts]
  • 'This is a market on the fringe of the sport', and 'fans to get another chance to show that they get it'. Oh, Scott. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. [Burnside]
  • El Capitan says that special teams 'won it for them, and lost it for us'. Uh, Jason...[CBC]
  • Jordin Tootoo had 45 stitches and plastic surgery after being hit in the face. He's probably playing in Game 5. [Preds Insider]
  • Its feast or famine when it comes to the Preds' scoring in this series. [One Other Thing]
  • Brent Sopel has no problem blocking a Shea Weber shot. Your funeral, Brent. [Blackhawks]
  • I didn't think Brian Campbell looked that good, but apparently 'he passed all the tests.' [Daily Herald]
  • Nashville's desperate, and banking on the fact that the team who's needed a win most in this series has gotten it. [Tennessean]
  • Patric Hornqvist has skated the past two days, and might be ready this afternoon. In the meantime, this guy rehashes our awful playoff injury luck. [NHL]
  • Maybe its just me, but these quotes from Hawks' players give me an extra measure of hope this afternoon. [Trib]
  • The Hawks want to 'keep it ugly'. Fine with me. [Sun-Times]
  • Finally, be sure and download the newest 303:30 podcast to cap off your pre-game festivities. Special guest? Sam Fels of Second City Hockey. [Section 303]