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4/6 Power Rankings Roundup: Nashville clinches, some still suffer from unbelief

Summarizing the mainstream media's assessment of the Nashville Predators:

  • Apparently using a math formula, TSN ranks the NHL's sixth best team 13th, unchanged. [TSN]
  • Craig Custance moves Nashville up to 6th, a more accurate reflection of recent performance. [Sporting News]
  • Pierre LeBrun slides the Preds into 7th, up 3. [ESPN]
  • This Canadian outlet likes Pekka Rinne's recent performance. [CBC]
  • Holy clutch performance, Batman. Nashville is 13-0-1 in its last 14 one goal games. Wes Goldstein leaves the Predators in 7th. [CBS]
  • Ryan Dixon puts the Preds in third, which is pretty generous, but hey, we'll take it. [THN]
  • Wait a second, 7-2-1 in the last 10 games, but down one spot? Thanks, Robert Picarello. [Fox Sports]
  • Bruce Ciskie checks in with Nashville in 12th, unchanged. Its not like we have more points than the Penguins, Devils, and Sabres. Wait, we do? Oh. [FanHouse]