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Nashville Predators and NHL respond to Middle Tennessee flood

From the Nashville Predators:

The NHL and the Predators Foundation were among the first to respond to the massive flooding in Nashville and Middle Tennessee with a donation to the Metro Nashville Disaster Response Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Grants from the Fund will be made to nonprofits supporting relief, restoration and clean-up efforts in the Davidson County area in the aftermath of the flooding and storms.

"Millions of our neighbors have been affected in some way by this unprecedented flood. Some lives will return to normal quickly, others will take months or years to rebuild," said Ellen Lehman, president of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. "Thanks to the NHL and the Predators Foundation, The Community Foundation will continue doing everything it can to connect the generosity of people who want to help to the needs of their neighbors."

The Mayor's Office of Emergency Management forged a partnership with The Community Foundation to simplify and expedite the process by which people affected by disaster receive help. The Community Foundation is accepting financial contributions from donors and will disperse them to nonprofit organizations helping people affected by disaster.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and businesses that suffered losses and damages from the recent storm," said Gerry Helper, President of the Predators Foundation. "We recognize this is a time of incredible devastation and unprecedented challenges in our community, but it is also an opportunity to show others how a community can come together to aid and support one another in times of great difficulty. It is our hope that others will contribute to the rebuilding effort in a manner most suitable to their own situation, be it in the form of financial support or the volunteering time, skill and services to expedite the healing process."

  "The NHL is proud to support all the citizens of Nashville at this time of crisis, said Bernadette Mansur, Executive Director of the NHL Foundation. "Our thoughts and prayers are with the community, the Community Foundation and everyone involved in the rebuilding efforts."

For more information, call The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. at 615-321-4939, or toll free at 888-540-5200. 

Fans who would like to help can go to or send donations to The Community Foundation, P.O. Box 440225, Nashville, TN, 37244.

J.P. Dumont also led a bunch of the team's staff as they went out over the weekend to assist in flood relief efforts as well. I'm sure this is going to be a focus of community efforts all summer long, as the hard work of recovery is only just beginning.