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Monday's news: Predators making a difference at home, and around the world

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One spot in the Conference Finals has been locked down in the Stanley Cup playoffs, and over the next couple days the rest of the field may get set as well. But there are plenty of other stories developing around the NHL as well - the Coyotes are still uncertain about who will own the team and where they will play next season, the on-ice future of the Detroit Red Wings is up for debate, and we still don't know who will get the head coaching job in Columbus.

Today your morning hockey news also includes notes about the Nashville Predators helping out with Middle Tennessee flood relief, and some of their players who are making at impact at the World Championships...

Over the Weekend in the Playoffs

San Jose eliminates Detroit in five games with 2-1 victory - Fear The Fin
The Sharks move on to the Western Conference final... does this mean they've shaken off the "playoff chokers" label? I'd say so.

Vancouver 4, Chicago 1: The Canucks survived an elimination game in Chicago, and now head to back to Vancouver for Game 6, trailing 3-2 in this series.

Game 5 Recap: Oh-fense from De-fense. Pens win 2-1 - PensBurgh
Tonight in Montreal, the Penguins have a chance to close out the Habs and move on to the Eastern Conference finals.

Bruins hope to send Flyers packing on home ice - Stanley Cup of Chowder
At the same time, Boston hopes to finish of Philadelphia. How sick is it that the Bruins are making a deep playoff run, and enjoy Toronto's 1st-round draft pick this year and next?

Predators News

Predators at the World Championships - Nashville Predators Examiner
Jim Diamond looks at how the Preds are doing for their various teams over in Germany, including a game-winning goal for defenseman Roman Josi of Switzerland.

Preds On The Glass: POTG Radio Tonight and Weekend Wrap-Up
Buddy's morning post includes a preview of this evening's podcast...

Nashville in the Postseason: The Tiger Abides | The Hockey Writers
For Jas, the flood has put the Predators' playoff disappointment in perspective.

'We Are Nashville' blog unites city - The Tennessean
Patten's post in the immediate aftermath of the flood not only captured the mood around Middle Tennessee, but has served as a rallying cry as well.

Duck Tales: Stuey and Ewey - Anaheim Calling
SB Nation's Anaheim blog takes a look back at two charter members of the Ducks franchise, one of which is Nashville's Stu Grimson.

Around the NHL

Puck Worlds - For International Hockey Coverage
SB Nation has added a new international hockey blog, a great spot to get started with all your World Championships coverage and discussion.

Red Light District: Detroit is no longer ‘Detroit’
Is it time to dance on the Red Wings' grave? To me, the entire question rests with Nicklas Lidstrom. I'd be surprised if he retired this summer, and until he does, Detroit is still a prime Cup contender.

Lidstrom Saga Begins - Nightmare On Helm Street
Lidstrom's son has enrolled in a hockey school in Sweden for the fall, however, so is it time to start hyperventilating in Motown?

Early Bird Conn Smythe Contenders - From The Rink
Bob looks ahead to some contenders for playoff MVP... a useful exercise to look back on a few weeks from now.

Dan Patrick to Host NBC Stanley Cup Final Coverage " Puck The Media

Coyotes first in NHL's stampede to Canada - The Globe and Mail
Stephen Brunt (author of Gretzky's Tears, which features much bewailing of the NHL's expansion into the southern U.S.) jumps on board the Coyotes-to-Winnipeg bandwagon, and sees more teams moving north as well.

Phoenix Coyotes Funding OR Why David Shoalts and Phil Lieberman are Full of Crap - Five For Howling
Travis Hair refutes reporting north of the border which highlights one Glendale city councilman's opposition to a new Community Funding District which is intended to help support the Coyotes.

Blue Jackets: Coaching search provides insight | The Columbus Dispatch
It looks like Columbus is still a ways off from deciding on a head coach, as they have more candidates yet to interview.

Rethinking when to pull the goalie - The Globe and Mail
Eric Duhatschek interviews a researcher who believes NHL coaches wait far too long to pull their goaltender when trailing.