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How high should we set the bar for the 2010-11 Nashville Predators?

This season's first-round playoff loss was a bittersweet experience for Nashville Predators fans - defying outside expectations to even make the post-season was a noteworthy accomplishment, but bowing out to the Blackhawks, especially after holding a lead late in Game 5, was a crushing disappointment.

The question looking ahead to 2010-11, then, is where do the Preds go from here, and just how high should fans set the bar?

Given the likelihood that we'll see pretty much the same team coming to training camp this fall, which achievements during next season would represent progress in your mind? Which of the following would you say is a reasonable goal?

  • Winning a playoff series
  • Winning the Central Division regular season title
  • New franchise records for individual performance (goals scored, points, shutouts, etc.)
  • A major trophy win for an individual player (i.e., Shea Weber winning the Norris)

Or should fans be content with scrambling to make the  playoffs, and hoping against hope that a miracle run lifts them into the second round? I've written in the past that the Preds should aim high, but am I alone here?