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Monday notes: Nashville's big bang for the buck

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As the Nashville area tries to dry out and clean up after a historic downpour and subsequent flooding over the weekend, please consider making a donation to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to help with flood relief.

After the jump, we've got your morning dose of hockey news for you - the second round playoff series continue on, a Nashville podcast sums up the season tonight, and David Poile discusses how the salary cap impacts competitive balance throughout the NHL...

In the Playoffs

Montreal 3, Pittsburgh 1: The Habs gained a split on the road, taking game 3 back to Montreal. Do they have another upset in them? As a side note, if Montreal does make the Conference Finals, they drop in the NHL Draft order, and the Predators would move up a spot.

San Jose 4, Detroit 3: The Sharks took a 2-0 lead in this series, in a penalty-filled contest.

Predators News

Preds On The Glass: Preds Blogger Roundtable on POTG Radio Tonight and Weekend Wrap-Up
I'll be joining Buddy on this evening's podcast as we discuss the season gone by.

Steve Sullivan prepares both mentally and physically for 2010-2011 - Nashville Predators Examiner
Count Sully in for being well-prepared for next season.

NHL's cap is the great equalizer - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Former Predators assistant GM Ray Shero and current GM David Poile discuss the implications of the modern salary cap system.

Predators aren't pleased by Legwand's lack of goals - The Tennessean
Besides that shocking headline, there's also word that Colin Wilson may stay on the wing for another season.

Predators offense will be one for ages - The Tennessean
Can the graybeards carry the load for the Preds next season?

Around the NHL

Broad Street Bullies: An Interesting Look at the 1970s Flyers | PuckUpdate
Steven Ovadia reviews the new HBO documentary about Terry Crisp's days in Philadelphia.

Forget Dryden and Roy. Halak is channeling Jose Theodore. - Habs Eyes On The Prize
Can Jaroslav Halak keep up his incredible playoff run?

San Jose sees octopus, raises it with shark eating baby octopus - Puck Daddy
Well, I guess this ups the ante...

What might've gone wrong with the Tampa Bay Lightning defense - Raw Charge
We're pretty familiar with the idea that sometimes the pieces just don't fit together, right? #split28

Was Fleury the answer? - The Globe and Mail
Should Calgary have given Theo Fleury a chance coming out of training camp?

Better Late than Never - InGoal Magazine
Awesome advice for anyone who's ever wondered what it's like to hit the ice.

Do playoffs prove that the 'goalie era' is dead for NHL? - Puck Daddy
Slowly but surely, GM's around the league are figuring out that standout goalies are incredibly rare in today's game.

More Hockey World - Edmonton Journal
Assorted notes from around the league, by Jim Matheson.

Capitals should follow the lead of great Islanders & Red Wings -
Wise words from Larry Brooks to the leadership in Washington.

A Theory of Ice: Made-Up Shit
A wonderful examination of the way in which commentators and fans look at the game.