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Wednesday notes: Nashville's flood response inspires, and a legend passes

I know I'm just one of many folks here in the Nashville area who are originally from Michigan, and today we're all mourning the passing of legendary baseball announcer Ernie Harwell, who died yesterday at the age of 92:

Follow after the jump for your morning hockey news...

Last Night In The Playoffs

Pittsburgh 2, Montreal 0: The Penguins pitched a road shutout, an impressive feat which puts them back on top in this series, 2-1.

San Jose 4, Detroit 3 (OT): The Sharks came back from a two-goal deficit heading into the 3rd period, and now have a 3-0 chokehold on the series. Look, I'm from Detroit and grew up a Red Wings fan, but all the complaining about the Tomas Holmstrom penalty late in the 3rd period was absurd.

Predators News

Flood FAQ: Clearing Up The Information Disaster [Flood 2010] | Nashvillest
A great guide to the major questions you may have about dealing with flood damage.

What The Puck: Above The Water
Rachel borrows one of Barry Trotz's catchphrases to praise the city's response to the flood.

We Are Nashville | Section 303
Patten gives due credit to the way this city has responded to this historic catastrophe, by banding together and getting to work on the nasty business of cleanup and recovery.

The View from 111: We Will Stand Again
Mark is also confident in Nashville's ability to rebound from the flooding, and includes several links pointing where you can donate to a variety of good causes.

Preds 101: Help Players of Local Hockey Community Affected by the Flood
Support your local hockey players, if you can lend a hand to the cleanup efforts.

Dan Ellis faces uncertain offseason - Nashville Predators Examiner
Where will @dellis39 end up? Who knows, but I'm guessing he'll cash in rather well as a free agent this summer.

Preds On The Glass: Predator’s Successful Season Falls Short of Goals and Wednesday Wrap-Up
Buddy's outlook for the Preds is a positive one, and I have to agree that the young core of the team should carry them higher. How will the older vets fare, however?

Around the NHL

Hmmm.... - Nightmare On Helm Street
Okay, I'd be pretty pissed off in Detroit after seeing this. San Jose's winning goal last night probably should have never happened. What is it about NHL teams making such sloppy line changes during the playoffs? Most beer-league teams hustle to the bench faster.

Into Next Season | Hockey Independent
The L.A. Kings are a team on the rise... is Ilya Kovalchuk the piece that could take them to the next level?

The Dark Blue Jacket: A numbers game
Tom comes to the conclusion that for teams on a budget, just making the playoffs should be considered a success, and that they really don't have a shot at winning it all. I disagree heartily.

Rangers Analysis: Zherdev Plans on Returning to NHL, Will Rangers Offer a Second Chance? - Blueshirt Banter
Another scoring winger is returning from the KHL... but forget about Radulov for one more year.

Paul Kelly, College Hockey Inc: "...the option to play NCAA hockey is in most instances, the smarter and better course of action." - From The Rink
The former NHLPA head is now working to promote college hockey, and talks about that mission with Derek Zona.

An Overview of the New Jersey Devils Free Agents for 2010 - In Lou We Trust
Feel free to sift through the bin to see if there are any interesting Devils hitting the market.

Simon Gagne hopes to skate Friday, best-case return is reportedly Game 5 - Broad Street Hockey
Flyers fans anxiously await the return of one of their top goal-scorers.

MAINSTREAM MEDIA FAIL: Our Satire Picked Up As A News Item By MSNBC | Hockey Independent
Someone at is gonna catch heat over this...

And lastly, in case you ever wondered what the deal is with SB Nation, check out this recent interview with our CEO, Jim Bankoff: