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Tuesday's news: Does the salary cap system deny Nashville a chance?

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The major hockey news in Nashville comes later today when Blake Geoffrion signs his pro contract at a press conference in Brentwood, but until then there's plenty of other stories to keep the inquiring hockey fan busy this morning.

Follow after the jump for more idiocy from the Hockey News about small market teams like Nashville, a look at the new captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and a whole lot more...

Predators News

The Hockey News: Cup final appearances prove NHL's CBA is failing
Ken Campbell files his latest anti-salary cap tirade, just in case you had somehow forgotten how idiotic he is. By arguing that teams like the Predators can't compete because they don't spend to the cap maximum, he apparently forgets that the Preds pretty much had Chicago by the throat in the first round, only to blow it late in Game 5. The gap between rich and poor teams is very narrow in historic terms, and the Predators should absolutely expect to contend for the Central Division title and a deep playoff run next season.

What The Puck: 2009-2010 Season Wrap Up: Part Three
Rachel's wrap up continues with some young forwards who are still trying to find their place at the NHL level.

Preds On The Glass: POTG Radio Podcast with Russ Cohen and Tuesday Tidbits
Buddy recaps last night's show, as well as the Calder Cup victory for the Hershey Bears.

Getting Pucks Deep: Blueland Guest Goalie: Dan Ellis
An Atlanta blogger looks at the life story which has led Dan Ellis to his current lot, looking ahead to free agency as an established NHL goalie.

Why Bridgestone is partnering with the best in sports - Vanderbilt University
The Vanderbilt Accelerator Summer Business Institute is putting college students and recent grads to work on a real project, aimed at helping Bridgestone get the most out of its sports sponsorship relationships, particularly with the Preds and the NHL.

Around the NHL

Norstrom Trophy: 2010 Year End Awards – Blogger Style
View From My Seats asked bloggers around the web to vote on the best defensive defenseman in the league.

Greatest Hockey HHOF Worthy? Dave Andreychuk
This year's Hockey Hall of Fame class includes some interesting choices, and Joe has an internal debate about whether this big winger deserves it.

From Mats to Dion: A New Era Dawns in Leafs Nation | The Hockey Writers
Their going ga-ga in Toronto over their new captain Dion Phaneuf.

The History Of The "C" In Toronto - Toronto Maple Leafs
Holy Hyperbole, Batman! "There are about six billion people on planet earth right now. There is one captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs."

Jersey Fouls: Jay Leno meets the Chicago Blackhawks edition - Puck Daddy
Wow, I just can't decide which one I find more repugnant, Leno or the Blackhawks. I'm a David Letterman/Craig Ferguson guy, myself.

Noel for Arniel in Manitoba? - The Province
Could the former Milwaukee Admirals head coach head back to the AHL with the Manitoba Moose?

Making the Most of Your Puck Luck – Bret Hedican
The retired defenseman talks in Wired about some of the innovative training techniques that helped give him an edge on the ice.

An (SB) Nation Rises " National Sports Journalism Center
What does the debut of the SB Nation local sites mean for the sports media landscape?