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Dan Hamhuis & Jason Arnott trade reaction is lively and mixed

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Hot Saturday afternoons in late June are usually reserved for working outside or going to a wedding, but when word came over the wire that hockey trades were going down, the online conversation in Middle Tennessee quickly turned to hockey.

With today's two trades, (Dan Hamhuis to Philadelphia for Ryan Parent, and Jason Arnott to New Jersey for a 2nd-round pick and prospect  Matt Halischukthe Nashville Predators have set the fan base buzzing with a mixture of celebration, concern, and anticipation for what lies ahead. Follow after the jump for a video interview with David Poile recapping the day, and a look at reaction from around the 'net...

First off, let's hear from the man himself, as interviewed by Tom Callahan:

Perhaps the most encouraging bit there comes in the final moments, as Poile sounds like he does have at least a little change in his pocket to go shopping with on July 1 to help fill the void up front.

Hamhuis departure expected

Most fans understood that with free agency approaching, Dan Hamhuis was not likely to remain a Nashville Predator. Here are some selected items from the @Predfans Twitter group:

codeyh [Codey from]: Philly's loading up for another run. Pronger/Timonen/Hamhuis on D.. Wow.

raiku66: i know there wasn't much hope. It just makes me sad, lol. I love Hammer.    

chuckmilam: Wasn't going to miss #2 until I saw him lay a great hip check then come right back down and score from the blue line. Awesome. [presumably referring to the hit on Dustin Byfuglien and subsequent goal in Game 6 vs. Chicago]

clarasax: so who gets the pooh costume next? I always get a little misty-eyed at the Children's Hospital pictures. So glad the guys visit. [referring to Dan's visits to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital]    

smashville: It's a sad day for @sarahcupfinal

I think it's safe to say that Predators fans wish Hamhuis the best of luck and understand that this is simply the way professional sports works sometimes.

Cap-crunching the Dan Hamhuis trade - From The Rink
Mike Chen writes that the Flyers will have some work to do just to fit Dan Hamhuis into their lineup under the salary cap.

Paul McCann - The Times They Are A-Changin'
As Paul notes, the Hamhuis trade at least brings back another asset that was initially sent to Philadelphia in the Peter Forsberg trade from 2007...

Dan Hamhuis traded to Philadelphia for Ryan Parent… | Section 303
Jeremy was a bit surprised to see the Preds take Parent back instead of a draft pick.

A surprising farewell to the Captain

Again, selected comments from the Predfans Twitter group to the sudden departure of the guy named last fall on this site as the center of the All-Time Nashville Predators Team:

newpowersoul: We could have received a Snoopy Sno-Cone machine in return for Arnott & I'd be joyous. That's just me.

raiku66: HOLY CRAP! If we were gonna trade Arnott WHY WOULD WE NOT SPEND MONEY ON HAMMER?!?!?!?!?!  

preds101: Arnott had $4.5 under contract for next season, then UFA. Good a time to move him as any, I suppose. Enough $ to match 4 grebs?  

stephenyeargin: So, Captain Legwand, right? Right? (ducks)

HaroldDeLaney: Poile better have something BIG up his sleave... If not, he needs to pack his own bags & get out of Nashville.    

rockandrollvan: thank you more let's get some young aggressive legs in here.Captain Weber sounds great.

mikebarnes5: The Preds have an opportunity to put the "C" on the right guy.... Shea freakin Weber!!!    

hockeyfan303: would of rather traded arnie for a pp coach instead of a pick

PredsOddManRush: Seeing a lot of the casual fans griping about the Arnott trade...I love it. Can't wait to see how we used the savings!

jackmac: Man. Now that Arnott's gone......I think I'm gonna miss him. :-( Did a lot for the club.

ablairnash: Arnott wasn't the greatest captain but I think he did a pretty good job. Wish him and his family all the best of luck.    

dandbradleyETG: nice work today by the GM, front office. We shed players we had to and gained propects in the process.    

Nashville Predators trade Jason Arnott, Dan Hamhuis- The Tennessean

In an interview with John Glennon, Jason Arnott says that leaving Nashville was a mutual decision between himself and the team, as there wasn't much interest in signing him to a contract extension, so it made sense to go ahead and make the move this summer.

Jason Arnott Trade - Behind The Net
Gabe sees this as "Nashville dumping one year of a contract that represented a slight overpay for Arnott's talent." I'd go along with that. The hockey value coming back is negligible in this trade with New Jersey, and was meant to simply clear salary space. Thus, the determination of whether this was a good trade or not depends on what David Poile does with his new-found spending money.

Brandon Felder - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow. It's a New Hockey Landscape in Nashville
Brandon won't mourn the departure of Jason Arnott, but to say "Initial reaction from some may be that the Devils got a deal, but I actually would call this pretty even" is stretching things a bit. In hockey terms, Nashville got a guy who might someday play on the 4th line and a 2nd-round draft pick in exchange for one last season from their #1 center. That's a poor return, but again, the salary considerations ruled the day on this one, and the market was presumably limited by Arnott's No Trade Clause, which he had to waive for this deal to go through.

Nashville captain Arnott traded to New Jersey… | Section 303
With Arnott gone, Jeremy looks ahead to the young centers who might get a greater opportunity to play in Nashville.

Nashville Predators need offense now more than ever - The Tennessean
In an incredibly rare Predators column, David Climer wonders how David Poile plans to fill the goal-scoring void left by this trade.