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2010 Hockey Hall of Fame class inducted; who was overlooked?

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The 2010 Hockey Hall of Fame class was announced this afternoon, with several glaring omissions. Per the National Hockey League on Twitter:

RT @drosennhl: HHOF class: Dino Ciccarelli, Cammi Granato, Angela James, Jimmy Devellano, Daryl "Doc" Seaman

While there should be little argument that these individuals deserve the recognition, what was more baffling were the ones left to wait another year. Pavel Bure (437 goals, 779 points) and Joe Nieuwendyk (564 goals, 562 assists) are generational talents and faces of the NHL past and present, and undoubtedly should have been first-ballot inductees.

Perhaps the most egregious omission, however, is former NHL head coach Pat Burns. The only three-time Jack Adams Award winner (with 3 different teams - Montreal, Boston, and Toronto), Burns won the 2003 Stanley Cup with the New Jersey Devils. He's won 501 NHL games with four teams. But in addition to the gaudy resume, Burns has been diagnosed with cancer. Three times. He survived colon cancer in 2004, and liver cancer in 2005. Just last year, though, Pat Burns was given the news that he had incurable lung cancer. He has since refused further treatment.

Pat Burns is likely to pass away before the 2011 class is inducted. He is 58 years old. So I ask you, the reader - who was the biggest omission from the 2010 hall of fame class?