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NHL teams rank high on ESPN's "Ultimate Standings"

Business Wire is passing along the results of the latest ESPN "Ultimate Standings" (thanks to the pointer from Kukla's Korner), which rank professional sports teams in the NHL as well as the NBA, NFL, and MLB. The 122 teams were rated in terms of on-field accomplishments, the "bang for the buck" paid by the fan, stadium experience, and a host of other factors.

Follow after the jump to see how all the NHL teams, including the Nashville Predators, landed...

Out of 122 total teams ranked, the Nashville Predators finished 29th overall, and 9th among NHL teams (up from 37th last year). Their local competition, the NFL's Tennessee Titans, fell from 15th last year to 37th. The following table splits out the various hockey franchises:

 Team  Overall Rank  NHL Rank
 Pittsburgh Penguins  5   1 
 Detroit Red Wings  8   2 
 Washington Capitals  11   3 
 San Jose Sharks  12   4 
 Chicago Blackhawks  16   5 
 Phoenix Coyotes  18   6 
 Carolina Hurricanes  21   7 
 Anaheim Ducks  23   8 
 Nashville Predators  29   9 
 New Jersey Devils  34   10 
 Colorado Avalanche  35   11 
 St. Louis Blues  41   12 
 Buffalo Sabres  42   13 
 Los Angeles Kings  45   14 
 Ottawa Senators  49   15 
 Dallas Stars  57   16 
 Philadelphia Flyers  60   17 
 Vancouver Canucks  64   18 
 Tampa Bay Lightning  70   19 
 Boston Bruins  76   20 
 Minnesota Wild  78   21 
 Montreal Canadiens  84   22 
 Calgary Flames  87   23 
 Columbus Blue Jackets  96   24 
 New York Islanders  103   25 
 New York Rangers  104   26 
 Florida Panthers  106   27 
 Atlanta Thrashers  109   28 
 Edmonton Oilers  111   29 
 Toronto Maple Leafs  121   30 

The Toronto Maple Leafs barely avoided the bottom rung overall (which went to the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers), despite ranking last in a number of areas (Price of tickets, Bang for the Buck). Another bottom feeder was Nassau Coliseum, home to the New York Islanders and named as the worst venue in sports for the second year in a row. On the opposite end, the Pittsburgh Penguins ranked #1 in Fan Relations, and the Detroit Red Wings topped the Ownership category.

With a league-wide average ranking of 57.2, the NHL teams ranked, as a group, slightly higher than the competition from the other 3 major sports (61.5 would have been average). The overall champion was the NFL champion New Orleans Saints,

You can also view the complete rankings over at ESPN.