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Bonus links for a Friday afternoon

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Before heading out for the weekend, I wanted to share a few extra links with you this afternoon...

Ron and Gary : Tom Benjamin's NHL Blog
Tom vents his spleen pretending to be Ron MacLean, grilling the NHL Commissioner on national TV. But when he writes, "Do you even understand why Gary Bettman is so thoroughly resented in this country? Do you think it might have something to do with the fact that Canadian fans are paying through the nose to prop up American franchises that cannot succeed without the substantial subsidies from those Canadian fans?" he couldn't be more off-base. If he thinks that without having to contribute to revenue sharing, big market teams would reduce their ticket prices, he's sadly mistaken.

Goal Line Report : An E-mail Interview with Ryan Porth of RLD Hockey
Patrick Hoffman's series of blogger interviews continues with local blogger & podcaster Ryan Porth. - How Glendale Subsidies Cost the NHL and Benefit the NHLPA
Tyler takes an interesting angle on the competing bids for the Phoenix Coyotes, and how that might impact the players around the league. - Teams aren’t coming to Canada
Tyler also looks at just how difficult it is to move a hockey team. Whether an NHL franchise might make more money in another market is almost completely irrelevant.