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Tuesday's news: "Little Boom Boom" vs. the Habs?

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It may be mid-July, but the esteemed society of Nashville Predators bloggers is busy providing fans with fresh content on just about every aspect of the team.

Follow after the jump for a look at two of the Preds' young defensemen, youth hockey camps getting underway here in Middle Tennessee, and the possibility that Blake Geoffrion might suit up for the Predators when they play in Montreal this fall...

Predators News

The View from 111: A Different Perspective on the Prospects
Mark points out that Nashville's real hockey future hits the ice this week.

Geoffrion Hopes to Trace Family Roots in NHL - Fox Sports Tennessee
Blake Geoffrion's a long shot to earn an NHL job out of training camp, but his family can't help but anticipate Nashville's road game at Montreal on November 18, when he could play under the retired jerseys of his auspicious ancestors.

Before the Devils Know You’re A Pred: A Look At The Dearly Departed From 2009/2010 | The Hockey Writers
Jas bids adieu to a few of the Preds who have moved on in their hockey lives.

2010 Skate of the Union: For Nashville, Size Does Matter | The Hockey Writers
Jas also provides her take on last week's SotU, and all the festivities surrounding it.

Predators Developmental Camp was eye-opening experience for Charles-Olivier Roussel - Nashville Predators Examiner
Don't forget about this guy, who is every bit as good of a prospect as the other blueliners Nashville has drafted in recent years.

Tuesday AJenda " Pull My (Fang)Finger
AJ considers the prospects for Kevin Klein this season (check out his spiffy new layout, too).

S’More(s) Thoughts on Preds Prospect Camp " Pull My (Fang)Finger
AJ also provides a scouting report from last weekend's action during Development Camp.

Preds On The Glass: POTG Radio with Ryan Porth and Pred Prospects and Tuesday Tidbits
Buddy's back in business after three weeks off, and has plenty of interviews to share.

Send Ryan Ellis to Milwaukee - Milwaukee Admirals
Ads play-by-play man Aaron Sims walks through the rules that keep a player like Ryan Ellis from playing at the AHL level next season. It works for the NHL, and for junior hockey, but is it really in the player's best interest?

Around the NHL

Central: Blackhawks will have tough time retaining top spot -
Wes Goldstein surveys the Central and sees Chicago (not so much) and Detroit coming back to the pack.

Chicago Blackhawks match Niklas Hjalmarsson offer sheet, so now what? - ESPN
Pierre LeBrun writes that while the Blackhawks held on to their young defenseman, they've just created another salary cap headache elsewhere.

Players to Watch Part One- Jakub Voracek - The Cannon
Is "Jake" due for a breakout season in Columbus?

Seguin & Forwards Wow At B’s Rookie Camp | Hockey Independent
Bruins fans admire their shiny new #2 overall draft pick.

Waiting on Kovalchuk: Why Steve Yzerman should trade for Simon Gagne - Raw Charge
Would Gagne add some zip to the Lightning attack?

How McDonagh May Spell the End of Wade Redden - Blueshirt Banter
The Rangers could really stand to rid themselves of Redden's burdensome contract, but that won't be easy.

Beyond ca$inos, betting on the next Islander free agent - Lighthouse Hockey
And the Islanders? They need to break out the checkbook just to make the salary floor.

WANG, MANGANO ISSUE JOINT STATEMENT Hempstead plan rips up the Lighthouse Project ·
Islanders owner Charles Wang has tried to get his "Lighthouse Project" rolling for several years now, but local officials appear to have no appetite for his plan, basically cutting the proposed development in half arbitrarily. How much longer will Wang put up with these delays before looking to relocate his team?

Joe Namath Rams John Unitas Chargers Bobby Orr Blackhawks | All Things Avs
Adrian Dater struggles with an addiction to odd sports jerseys.

Gary Bettman makes $7.2 million more than you think he should - Puck Daddy
He may not be popular among many fans, but the NHL Commissioner certainly appears to have the backing of the owners, considering how his salary keeps rising.

Kovalchuk, Kings taking smart approach to NHL marriage - The Globe and Mail
Eric Duhatschek casts the Kings-Kovalchuk talks as a prenuptial negotiation. So who's going to wear white at the contract signing?