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Wednesday's news: Preds bloggers launch campaign for Weekes

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The summer heat must be getting to some of my colleagues in the Nashville Predators blogosphere these days. Despite a glutted goaltending market and prospects in the system who might serve as backup to Pekka Rinne this fall, a campaign has launched to bring in a guy who's traded in his goaltending gear for a microphone.

Follow after the jump for the "Kevin Weekes for Backup" meme, and a whole lot more!

Predators News

The best candidate to back-up Rinne? The retired Kevin Weekes… | Section 303
Buddy from Preds On The Glass made a joke about this, and Jeremy takes it a step further. Sorry, but I just ain't feelin' it! This guy's retired for a reason, and there are plenty of better options available. It's more like the "Rory Fitzpatrick for the All-Star Game" movement from a couple years ago.

Preds On The Glass: More on "Kevin Weekes for Back-Up" and Wednesday Wrap-Up
Buddy walks us through how the Weekes business got started in his morning post.

Sully proud annual golf classic helps local KidSport - Timmins Daily Press
Steve Sullivan goes the extra mile to help kids in his hometown participate in sports. You should see the jersey collection he's put together to auction off!

A Theory of Ice: Pro
A rare treat from a truly unique hockey blogger. This considers the question of how hockey transforms from a game to a job for young men, and what that means for the enigmatic Sergei Kostitsyn. Can the Predators indeed turn him around?

ESPY Award nomination a reward for Blake Geoffrion - Nashville Predators Examiner
Jim Diamond got Blake's thoughts before he headed out for the ESPY Awards, where he's a nominee for Best Male College Athlete.

Nashville Predators Blogs - Tom Callahan's Preds Prowl
Tom has thoughts on Development Camp as well as the Central Division at large. He thinks Columbus is just as big a wreck as I do...

The All-Development Camp Team… | Section 303
Jeremy picks the best lineup among the prospects from last week.

PredsBlog " Captain Shea Weber
Can the new captain also serve as the new face of the franchise?

Paul McCann - Final Thoughts on Development Camp and Random Notes
Paul shares his impression of some of Nashville's top prospects.

Around the NHL

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Chicago rages against the dying of the light as one player after another cashes in elsewhere.

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The Blue Jackets held a "Skate of the Union"-type meeting with their fans, and Matt brings us a report.

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Columbus signs their knuckle-duster Jared Boll for two years. Hey, if you can't win, you've gotta entertain, right?

Getzlaf Economics: The Bridge to The Next CBA - Anaheim Calling
You'll be shocked to find that Nashville isn't the only team in the league constrained by an internal budget rather than the salary cap!

Red Light District: Top 5 Dates to Circle for 2010/11
Ryan has five important days you should set aside for your hockey viewing this upcoming season. Actually it works out to 10 days, but who's counting?

Grading Ray Shero: Part II - PensBurgh
Pittsburgh bloggers appraise the work of the former Preds Assistant GM as he tries to position the Penguins for another Cup run.

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