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Report: the Nashville Predators & Patric Hornqvist are close to a deal

Thanks to a tip from George Malik of, we have word from Sweden that Patric Hornqvist's agent has "achieved a breakthrough" in discussions with the Nashville Predators and that a contract may be signed soon. This, from (as translated by Google):

This approach has the most NHL clubs and would therefore not be liable to pay the excess for a player who, after all, not had time to show being too much of the world's best league yet, "says [agent Craig] Oster.

- But we have reached a breakthrough in negotiations and I have a very good dialogue with the Nashville general manager David Poile. I think it will resolve itself in the near future.

Nashville fans are eager to see this get done, at a salary that won't jeopardize other elements of the roster going forward. Comparable players have signed contracts over the last week or so, allowing the market to sort itself and make it easier for both sides to agree on a salary. That way, we can get back to important matters, like debating how many goals Hornqvist might score next season...

Patric Hornqvist

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Jan 01, 1987