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Linus Klasen's body fat too high, needs conditioning work before Predators training camp

Well before the rest of the Nashville Predators report to training camp in September, Swedish forward Linus Klasen will begin work with the Preds' strength & conditioning coach to reduce his body fat from over 20%, to the team's benchmark of 12%. This, from, as translated by Google:

"As I said, I'm going back a week earlier. Then I will of course train with the fitness coach", says Klas. 

According to Nashville was a requirement that all players must be over twelve percent of body fat - Klasen is just above 20th. An unusually high figure.     

Recall that Klasen is on a two-way contract, so if he's not ready for NHL duty the Preds can send him to Milwaukee, and also don't have to worry about waivers. Let's just hope we don't have the Albert Haynesworth of the NHL on our hands!  He's got to earn a roster spot by beating out somebody else, and a casual attitude about the physical demands of the NHL won't get it done:

"Of course this was not ... for me it was okay and I do not care about it. It's hockey to play, then I do not care of the rest. They may think, but I've always played as I am."     

Good luck with that...

Thanks for the tip from @Rabiesmalin on Twitter!

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