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Wednesday's news: A week of historic change in Nashville

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While yesterday's announcement of the new incoming CEO and COO caught Predators fans happily by surprise, we should remember also that these two additions are also paired with two subtractions from the Nashville organization.

After the jump, we get confirmation that "Boots" Del Biaggio will finally be exorcised this week, and consider also the career of outgoing President of Business Operations Ed Lang, the longest-serving Nashville Predator who is moving on to make room for the new guys...

Before we get to the links, two reminders - you have until the end of this week to submit a FanPost if you want to join the OtF writing staff, and one reader is looking for hockey memories from Nashville's pre-NHL past. Even if you don't have any to share, I highly recommend checking out what's there already!

Predators News

Predators chairman confident Del Biaggio shares will transfer this week - Nashville Predators Examiner
After yesterday's press conference, Jim Diamond asked team chairman Tom Cigarran the real question of the day, and got confirmation that the "Boots" Del Biaggio transaction should indeed close this week.

Brandon Felder - Accountability Added To The TOP
From Brandon's blog to Tom Cigarran's ears! Yesterday's announcement pretty much nails the concerns Brandon raised earlier this week.

Preds add two Stanley Cup winners to front office… | Section 303
Jeremy attended the press conference announcing the leadership changes yesterday, and shares his view of the proceedings.

Nashville Predators shake up staff to fill seats - The Tennessean
Michael Cass has more on the new guys in town. As for Ed Lang, I hope the team recognizes him during the home opener. He deserves a "Standing O" from the fan base for all he's done over the years to make the Predators what they are today.

Preseason: NHL vs. NFL - Predlines
Watching Dallas vs. Cincinnati the other night just has Nathan itching for hockey to start. - Cody Franson one of the big guys playing Pro-Am game
The big defenseman makes an appearance back home to work with younger players for a bit and have some fun.

The Nashville Predators Most Important October Game - Sports Haze
Bryan Thiel highlights some early-season battles which are of utmost importance to the Preds.

Offseason Filler: Custom Jersey Awards - PredsBlog
Sam looks at the best and worst customized jerseys he's seen at the Bridge.

Cyclones, Nashville Predators Renew Affiliation Agreement - Cincinnati Cyclones
The Cyclones will remain Nashville's ECHL affiliate, although only a handful of prospects play there.

Central Division Shakedown - Predlines
Amanda sums up what's been going on within the division this last week.

Around the NHL

Unsurprising news: Agent doesn't approve of Kovalchuk contract ruling - ProHockeyTalk
Finally, an agent speaks up and doesn't like the implication that the NHL could go back and look at other contracts.

Someone Remind Gary Bettman the Purpose of the NHL - PuckUpdate
Steven Ovadia thinks the big bad Commissioner should stop picking on stars with front-loaded contracts and just let them play hockey. Really?

The Red Flag " Michelle Kenneth's Hockey & Musings
The conspiracy theories abound in New Jersey, where suspicion is raised that the arbitrator in the Kovalchuk was in the bag for the league...

A Look at Edmonton Oilers Goaltending | The Hockey Writers
WARNING - Viewer Discretion Advised.

Mount Puckmore: The four faces of the Chicago Blackhawks - Puck Daddy
What does it say about the Blackhawks that two of their "Mt. Puckmore" honorees have been with the team only a few years? Putting Rocky Wirtz up there just for not being his father is a slap in the face to a more deserving figure, like Stan Mikita.

Time of change is tough to predict for Stars fans - The Dallas Morning News
It's been a troubling summer in Dallas, where they've lost their signature star player, their longtime goalie, their team president, and are expecting a franchise sale sometime in the coming weeks. Oh, and the team stinks, too.

Drop the Puck: NHL Preseason Schedule - The Grinder
Maybe this will help you get through the month of August - pre-season hockey opens on September 21, and the Preds get rolling on the 23rd at home vs. Carolina.

The Penn State Issue - Western College Hockey Blog
It looks like the Nittany Lions might make the jump to Division 1 NCAA hockey soon...

European Trophy Tournament Starts Wednesday - Puck Worlds
Bruce outlines a very cool European tradition that needs to come over to North America, the pre-season multi-league tournament.

Lastly, we have a "what not to do" when the puck comes up into the stands. Guys, don't be like this schmuck at a recent baseball game, and dive out of the way so your girlfriend can take the hit:

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