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Thursday's news: Female hockey fans are revolting

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The release of the latest line of female-focused NHL merchandise has triggered a far different reaction than the apathy of years past. Instead of just passing the goods by and hoping for better next year, some fans are organizing a campaign to petition the NHL to actually listen to what women want out of their hockey gear.

Follow after the jump for more on that, as well a discussion of the new executives joining the Nashville Predators, an admission that yes indeed, the Washington Capitals DID get their name engraved on the Prince of Wales Trophy by mistake, and one blogger's interview for a job with the NHLPA...

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Predators News

The View from 111: Analyzing the Predators Front Office Moves
Mark lays out the case that the new CEO & COO are well-suited to take the Preds to the next level, and I whole-heartedly agree.

Confessions of a Predators Fanatic: I NEED HOCKEY!!!! fiasodjathafjadtjalgj
Kelly sums up how we're all feeling right about now!

Preds Renew ECHL Affiliation With Cincinnati Cyclones - Nashville Predators
The Preds confirm the news that we talked about last week.

Around the NHL

Facebook | Female hockey fans who want REAL merchandise
The ladies of the hockey world are rallying to get the NHL to produce jerseys and other apparel that they'd actually want to wear (read: no pink, just real logos in a women's cut).

Addicted: Campaigning for Change
Jennifer lays out a case for female hockey merchandizing that's so straightforward, it's bizarre the league hasn't picked up on it yet.

True or False: Johan Franzen will score 40+ goals - Winging It In Motown
Hmm... will their Swedish scorer out-tally ours?

Vancouver’s Re-Vamped Defense - View From My Seats
Matt looks at the pros and cons of the massive turnover on the Canucks' blueline.

Selanne: At 40, Recovery Time Is Challenge - The Grinder
Hey ain't quite the "Finnish Flash" no more, but the Ducks hope Teemu Selanne still has a few more goals to score.

No hoax: Capitals mistakenly engraved on Prince of Wales Trophy - Puck Daddy
Whoa, the league really did screw this one up!

The Eagles are Panthers Newest Sponsors: Training Camp at Hotel California? Desperado for Wins? Welcome to Tequila Sunrise? - On Frozen Pond
OK, this one's pretty weird...

FanHouse's Breakfast With NHL COO John Collins -- NHL FanHouse
Chris Botta interviews the league's head of operations, who has some good news on the TV front.

Eventually, they'll figure out what we want to see on NHL Network - Puck Daddy
Greg Wyshynski, however, points out a huge, gaping blind spot in the NHL Network's offering.

Which new NHL coaches won't be complete failures in Year 1? - Puck Daddy
There are going to be a lot of new faces behind NHL benches this fall, and I'm guessing that the two in the Central Division are going to have a rough year.

My job interview with the NHLPA |
Kevin Burgundy, of, took his shot at an NHLPA job a few weeks ago, and lived to tell the tale. Top 10: Performance bonuses
John Grigg points out some players who will have extra motivation to perform this season.

Sophomores To Watch In 2010-11: Western Conference - From The Rink
Cory includes a Nashville Predator in his 2nd-year players to keep an eye on this season.

Is it time for the NHL to consider expansion? - ProHockeyTalk
Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes!

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